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Chooka Women's Classic Memory Foam Rain Duck, Red, 10 M US

Chooka Women's Classic Memory Foam Rain Duck, Red, 10 M US

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  • FASHION RAIN DUCK | Our Rain Ducks are as rebellious as the vibes they give off - different, functional, and comfortable! The antique nickel hardware, leather tab detailing, and nylon laces contribute to their unique look.
  • CLASSIC BLACK | Black is the timeless color to wear! Black can be worn with anything. We recommend pairing with some leather pants for an edgy look or with sweats for a comfortable, fashionable look!
  • WATERPROOF RUBBER UPPER | We provide a durable, strong rain boot that enhances your wear. We make our boots with a high content rubber formula maximizing flex, durability, and comfort. The waterproof vulcanized construction eliminates weak spots.
  • FLEECE LINING | We value your comfort and provide boots with features that maximize your comfort. Our Rain Ducks are made with a fleece lining that promises comfortability and warm. Additionally, the material is non-abrasive and soft!
  • A BENEFICIAL INSOLE | To boost your comfort level, our Rain Ducks are made with a soft, 5MM removable memory foam insole that cushions your feet and is easy to clean. These are boots you can stand in for extended periods of time without aches!
  • SUPPORTIVE FEATURES | We know support in footwear is a priority, so we made our Rain Ducks with hard rubber inner-sole board and steel shank to help keep your feet sturdy.
  • SAFETY FEATURES | We have designed our Rain Ducks with a traction rubber outsole that offers slip-resistance on wet surfaces. A great benefit of this outsole is the self-cleaning tread pattern. The ridges eliminate dirt and grime.