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CW-X Conditioning Wear Women's Insulator Performx Tights

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Product Description

The Insulator Performx Tight offers excellent muscle support with our Patented Support Web system. Muscle support is foccused on quad, calf and IT bands while ligaments and tendons of the knee joint are also supported. "WarmStretch" temperature-regulating fabirc helps to keep you comfortable in Fall/Winter conditions.

Made by CW-X, these women's running tights provide optimum balance as well as support for the iliotibial band, hip flexors, and quadriceps. They also help stabilize the knees, calves, and Achilles tendons. CW-X's patented Kinesio Support Web acts as a suspension system for the quadriceps, increasing power at the push phase of the running motion. The gentle, targeted compression of the Kinesio Support Web increases circulation, minimizing lactic acid buildup and reducing muscle soreness, making these ideal recovery-wear.

The tights are anatomically engineered for each gender, providing comfort, ease of movement, and a better fit. They offer versatile performance, both as outerwear and as a base layer. A reflective logo provide extra visibility for nighttime activities. The flat-seam construction eliminates abrasions, increases comfort, and enhances fit. Other features include a key pocket and a double-reinforced waistband with a flat-draw cord.

The 80 percent Coolmax, 20 percent Lycra four-way stretch fabric pulls moisture away from the body to the outside of the tights and provides a UV protection rating of UPF 40+.

About Kinesio Support Web Technology
The patented CW-X Kinesio Support Web technology mimics Kinesio taping techniques that trainers apply to injured muscles. When this technology is applied to muscles and joints, it creates an exoskeletal support system that improves biomechanics during motion. The Kinesio Support Web provides targeted support to key areas, decreasing muscle oscillation and focusing power so your muscles work more efficiently. Variable compression along the web facilitates circulation, minimizing lactic acid build-up and muscle soreness, so you can be active longer and recover faster.

About Lycra and Coolmax
The genius at the heart of CW-X is an obedience to the structure of the body, made possible by two extraordinary fibers: Lycra and Coolmax. Coolmax moves moisture instantaneously from the body out to the fabric's outer surface, where it evaporates at twice the speed of cotton. So with CW-X Conditioning Wear, you remain cool at even the highest temperatures. When less energy goes toward cooling the body, more energy is left to help you excel. Lycra, on the other hand, possesses the unique ability to stretch yet retain its shape.About CW-X Gear Technology
For 40 years, scientists at Wacoal Human Science Research Center in Kyoto, Japan, have studied kinesiology, the science of human movement. They have tested over 35,000 people and analyzed injuries relative to warm-up and cool-down periods. They have come to understand the mechanics of joints and muscles in minute detail. This exhaustive study of body movement has culminated in over 50 patents worldwide.

Below are some further studies demonstrating the performance-enhancing qualities of CW-X Conditioning Wear.

Human Science Research Center, Kyoto, Japan: Study of electrical pulse activity in muscles
Muscles firing into motion were measured electromyographically for subjects wearing CW-X gear, subjects wearing competitor products, and subjects with bare legs. Electrical pulse activity decreased in unsupported and partly supported legs during exercise, indicative of fatigue. Legs supported by CW-X showed a negligible decrease in electrical pulse activity.

Human Science Research Center, Kyoto, Japan: Study of stability, impact, and motion
In this study, high-speed video analysis was used to compare stability, impact, and motion in CW-X products and regular compression gear. CW-X Support Web tights were 10 percent more stable and balanced and absorbed 12 percent more shock to the knee than regular compression tights. CW-X Support Web tops allowed 9 percent greater range of motion for the arm than regular compression tops.

University of Montpelier, France: Study of VO2oxygen uptake levels
This study measured VO2oxygen uptake levels over the course of 15 minutes of running in CW-X gear, regular compression tights, and running shorts. CW-X Support Web tights showed 26 percent less oxygen use than regular compression tights and 36 percent less oxygen use than traditional running shorts, indicating lower energy expenditure.

About CW-X
Japan's Wacoal Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of intimate apparel, has spent half a century creating clothing born of a deep understanding of the body. Combining its scientific knowledge of the human anatomy with its experience in complex fabrications and apparel design, the company first entered the performance sports apparel market in Japan in 1991 with CW-X Performance Conditioning Wear. Recently the company launched the CW-X brand in the U.S. market through the newly formed Wacoal Sports Science Corporation.

Wacoal Sports Science, headquartered in New York City, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wacoal International. The company's mission is to meet the sports performance needs of the active U.S. consumer through the CW-X brand, the world's first truly anatomically engineered high-performance sports apparel.

  • Polyester 80% / Spandex 20%
  • Imported
  • Insulator Performx tight offers temperature regulation with "WarmStretch" fabirc for comfortable Fall/Winter conditions
  • The Support Web supports hip, quad and calf muscles
  • Coolmax fabric helps keep the body dry by pulling moisture away from the skin
  • 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra - 2-way stretch Support Web; 80% Coolmax, 20% Lycra - 4-way stretch body fabric; Machine wash warm with like colors. Line dry in shade, do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.
  • WarmStretch temperature-regulation fabric.